WORLD WAR Z Gets A Second Trailer And New Posters

WWZ Black

Paramount has released a second trailer and two new posters for the Marc Forester directed adaptation of Max Brooks’ novel WORLD WAR Z.

The film follows United Nations worker Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) as he traverses the globe in search of way to end a zombie pandemic that threatens to destroy humanity.  The new trailer is definitely a step up from earlier previews and does a great job of conveying the worldwide scope of the story while also taking advantage of the uniquely inspired army ant-like characteristics of the film’s zombies.

WORLD WAR Z also stars Mireille Enos (THE KILLING) and Matthew Fox (LOST).  It will be released June 21, 2013.

World War Z poster 1

World War Z poster 2

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  • Every time that I see the trailer to WWZ it seems like it follows the book less and less… typically I would be pissed about this but it seems like it will be a solid movie…

    • You know, Antoinette, I agree completely. All through the film’s problem plagued production I was pretty worried. But more and more I’m starting to think that at the very least, fans of the novel are going to get a solid, decent movie. The production values are clearly there, and I believe the desire to make something special is there. We’ll find out on June 21.