This Week’s Apex Award… Mourns The Loss Of A Hero And A Son.

Bruce Wayne in Mourning

The Apex Award represents the pinnacle of the last week in pop culture. This week’s winner is…

The final page of BATMAN AND ROBIN #18, “Undone”.

Peter J. Tomasi- Writer/Patrick Gleason- Penciller/Mick Gray- Inker/John Kalisz- Colorist

The emotionally powerful ending to an emotionally powerful issue that relies almost entirely on visuals to convey its intense depth of feeling. ย This page does an amazing job of communicating Bruceโ€™s loss while bringing to mind the image of a young boy still reeling from the loss that propelled him toward his destiny as The Batman.

Itโ€™s an instantly classic Batman image, and it is our inaugural ApexFan Award winner.

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