This Week’s Apex Award… Is 65 Million Years In The Making!

Jurassic Park- Visitor's Center Finale

The Apex Award represents the pinnacle of the last week in pop culture. This week’s winner is…

The Tyrannosaur Makes An Encore Appearance… in IMAX 3D


Steven Spielberg (Director), Tyrannosaurus Rex (Herself)

If there is any movie immune from the backlash against post converting classic films to 3D for occasional re-release, surely that movie is JURASSIC PARK.  Its premise alone, an island theme park/zoo populated by genetically resurrected dinosaurs where the dinosaurs escape and run amuck, practically begs to be seen in 3D.  Do yourself a favor, leave the cynicism at home and see this movie in a theater again… twice and in IMAX if possible.  You’ll quickly realize how much its massive scale is diminished in the transition to television, and you’ll become more immersed in each of the film’s set pieces than you ever have before.

It’s difficult to select one moment as the pinnacle of a movie like JURASSIC PARK, but in the end, the film’s finale eventually wins out.  While the Tyrannosaur’s attack on the tour vehicles during a torrential downpour makes for a thrilling centerpiece, you can’t beat the pure, unadulterated dinosaur porn on display when the Tyrannosaur, heralded by a bombastic reprise of John Williams’ iconic score, swoops in at the last moment to unwittingly save the heroes of the film from certain doom at the hands (or claws?) of two Velociraptors.

Yes, it’s fan service for dinosaur lovers.  Yes, it’s a contrived ending.  Yes, it’s breathtakingly awesome.  Yes, the audience I saw it with clapped and cheered.  Yes, it’s our ApexFan Moment of the Week.

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