This Week’s Apex Award… Believes!

Nova #1

The Apex Award represents the pinnacle of the last week in pop culture. This week’s winner is…

NOVA #2 , Chapter Two: “Believe”, Page 11

Jeph Loeb-Writer/Ed Mcguiness-Penciler/Dexter Vines-Inker/Marte Gracia-Colorist

In which Sam Alexander (named for Jeph Loeb’s late son) dons the Nova helmet for the first time after inheriting it from his father.  As Sam assumes his newly acquired power, he quickly realizes his father’s drunken tales recounting his experiences as a member of the Nova Corps weren’t the fairy tales he thought them to be.  It’s a great comic book space adventure, a welcome addition to any pull list, and it’s our second ApexFan Award winner.

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