There is clearly not enough buzz for THE WORLD’S END

The World's End

Apex Fan Joe Benkis’ observations on the brilliant trailer for THE WORLD’S END. If you haven’t yet, you must drop everything and watch.

Random “I love you’s” to the preview:

Shout out to Alexander Dumas

Tape deck and fingerless gloves

Hey, Soup Dragons, welcome back. Has it really been 23 years?

The trailers to SHAUN OF THE DEAD and HOT FUZZ both also featured a fence jumping gag. Is this a recurring theme I never picked up on? Which of the creative team just can’t get enough of guys trying to jump wooden fences?

The non-reaction and deadpan delivery of “We’ve got ink on our hands”. Classic.

There should obviously be a contest where the winner gets to have a few pints at the pub with Simon Pegg. If there were, I would not eat or sleep until I won.

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