THE RETURN OF RETURN OF THE JEDI: Ewoks, Slave Girls, and Lack Of Dental Hygiene In A Galaxy Far, Far Away


Today released a “special edition” of director Kyle Newman’s 30th anniversary retrospective short film.

About a month ago, I was lucky enough to attend a special screening of STAR WARS: EPISODE VI- RETURN OF THE JEDI at Hollywood’s Egyptian Theater.  This STAR WARS Day celebration was part of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY’s Capetown Film Festival and included the premiere of THE RETURN OF THE RETURN OF THE JEDI before the film began.

This love letter to RETURN OF THE JEDI features numerous celebrity STAR WARS fans including Seth Green, Donald Faison, and Jamie King sharing their opinions and memories of the original trilogy’s finale.  It’s a funny, heartwarming look back at the film that is sure to resonate with any STAR WARS fan.

Celebrate the love for yourself below.

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