The Governor Strikes Back in Season 4 of THE WALKING DEAD

The Walking Dead- The Governor

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER broke the news that actor David Morrissey will reprise his role as The Governor when THE WALKING DEAD returns in October as a series regular.

Considering that this season’s finale was watched by a record series high of 12.4 million people, this would appear to be a smart business move for AMC. Season Three was largely driven by the character’s machinations and his desire to eliminate Rick and the prison group, which made for a fairly strong series of episodes. However, there are many who feel that The Governor had reached a natural end point in the overall narrative and that by having his character continue beyond this week’s showdown at the prison, which does not happen in the comic, the overall Woodbury story arc is diminished.

Which side do you fall on? Is keeping The Governor around good for the show? Should he have been killed off in Sunday’s episode? Sound off in the comments below!

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