Star Wars With Friends #18- “Fighter Flight”

18 Fighter Flight

Season 1, Episode 2. Sent on a simple enough errand by Hera, Ezra and Zeb find themselves getting into more and more trouble with the Empire, culminating in the two taking a liberating joyride in a stolen TIE Fighter! Join Justin, John, and Paul for another episode of Original Trilogy style adventure, excitement, and not so precise Stormtrooper shooting.

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  • To be honest I really liked this episode for a filler one, plenty of Imperial hardware showcased. Different imperial uniforms and outfits shown. Sadly more terribly shot Stormies (I blame the late Irwin Kershner from ESB for making stormies horrid shots for plot armor that never went away) and a new city/town on Lothal.

    Bonus: Zeb has more then a few girly posters in his cabin and one is slightly PG-13. Not the Rodian at the end and not the blue skinned big hair “Gem” look alike next to his bed. Lets just say when you see her you’ll see why a strategically placed crease keeps it

    Also glad they decided to bring in the ITT as canon now.