Star Wars With Friends #17- “Droids In Distress”

17 Droids In Distress

Season 1, Episode 3. The crew of the Ghost crew takes on a heist that leads to more Imperial trouble than they bargained for, and picks up a certain protocol droid and astromech along the way. Join Justin, John, and Paul as they discuss whether or not Rebels is too heavy handed on the Original Trilogy homages, how much villainy from Agent Kallus is too much villainy, and geek out over the unifying aspects of this fantastic episode.

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  • Chris Catone

    I really like Hera and Vanessa Marshal. She’s Jan Ors too after all.

    Also I get the impression that Zeb was a part of this, ‘Honor Guard’ and I’m likening his preference for its use in combat to Jedi and lightsabers, The gun is just something he duct-taped onto it.

    • You’re absolutely right, Chris. The Rebels Visual Guide (a wonderful wealth of background information about the show) confirms that Zeb was one of Lasan’s Honor Guard before the Empire wiped them out. Creates some interesting parallels between him and Kanan and sets up some great potential for a rivalry with Kallus, doesn’t it?

      • Chris Catone

        Yeah; I do agree with John though that I’m kind of hoping for more of a Thrawn vibe out of him moving forward (ever since I saw the chiss concept art…which is probably why they didn’t make him a chiss…though the ‘white-face’ comments are kinda interesting).

        • Yeah, Paul’s kinda brilliant like that. 🙂

          • Chris Catone


  • As an avid Imperial fan I loved Kallas’ battle with Zeb. After listening I can see why those that don’t think about much more then the light side of things take Kallas’ aggressive atitude as the “mustache twirling” when he challenges Zeb. But to play Palpatine’s advocate… after what we know of Kallas’ involvement with the pacification of Lasat, he took Zeb merely existing as personal. His emotions were running high and he attacked as to keep Zeb occupied to allow his men (whom 1 was just killed in front of him) to take on the rest of the Ghosts’ crew.

    What I liked even better was even with his high emotional state and obvious zealous atitude in battle, he still attacks and has a nearly flawless battle (which btw was chorographic eye candy of which I overdosed and loved) to bring this being, this in-his-mind hated enemy of his beloved empire to his knees and starts a killing blow.

    We know it didn’t happen since Zeb has some “Plot Armor” aka a friend in tight with the force to prevent it. But even after the battle where Kallas’ eyes were so wide with anger he did look like a man gone mad he cooly gets up and brushes off his uniform.

    PS. I also disagree with John that the force is a force of good to triumph over evil. As many dark jedi will atest to. The force has no allegiance, it like a democracy is only as powerful and corrupt as those who wield it. Some say how could a democracy be “evil”? Ask that to the people who democratically voted Hamas as their Palestinian Parliament. It’s all perception from a certain point of view. Democracy has no light or dark side it just gives the vote and voice to those that wouldn’t with more tyrannical structured governments.

    • It’d be IMPOSSIBLE to be a dedicated Imperial (like us) and not be in love with Kallus’ victory against Zeb in this episode! I love your assessment of his characterization and the phrasing you use to describe the fight between these two awesome Star Wars characters.

      I also love the way you’re opening up the debate over the true nature of the Force here. You bring up some very interesting points, and this statement in particular, “The Force… is only as powerful and corrupt as those who wield it”, is one I wholeheartedly agree with.

      As we expand Star Wars With Friends to include deeper discussions beyond episode commentaries only, you can be sure this question will be revisited in more detail and that your comments will be a part of that discussion.

      Thanks for listening!