Comics Review: THE WALKING DEAD Issue #111

Walking Dead #111

Negan shows enough guts to steal the show…

See what I did there?  I made a joke.  While this issue didn’t turn out to be the violent bloodbath I predicted in last month’s review, it still managed to balance great character development while satisfying the blood lust of any fan of THE WALKING DEAD.

Rick’s alliance is really starting to come together, and nearly a year (real-time) after the brutal murder of Glen, it looks like they’re finally poised to strike back at Negan and The Saviors.  As they all unite at Ezekiel’s Kingdom (sounds like a kid’s TV show with puppets, no?), Negan pays a visit to Alexandria to collect his tribute a bit earlier than usual… and Rick isn’t there.

What follows are seven pages of the most well written Negan scenes since Issue 100.  Negan’s been an effective villain this past year because he’s somewhat charming (when he isn’t beating in the head of beloved characters with Lucille).  He balances the sadistic tendencies of The Governor with the moral compass of Rick.  This makes him extremely unpredictable.

This unpredictability immediately throws you off-balance whenever he makes an appearance, which is played to hilarious and terrifying ends during the last seven pages of this issue.  Negan’s actions will leave you feeling an appalled respect for him, an interesting and unsettling juxtaposition to be sure.

THE WALKING DEAD Issue 111 isn’t heavy on the action, but it continues to feed you all the character and plot development you’ll need to enjoy the just desserts we all hope are coming to Negan.

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