Nihilistic New Banners Declare WORLD WAR Z

World War Z New Poster

Paramount Pictures pushes up their promotion of WORLD WAR Z this week with intense new banners showing the global scope of the Zombie War.

There will be a total of five banners released, each focusing on a different city under the relentless assault of hordes of the undead.  Today’s banners bring us scenes from Berlin and Rome.  Mexico City, Paris, and Sydney will be released later this week.

WORLD WAR Z will be released on June 21.

Update: Mexico City and Paris have been added.

Update : Sydney, the fifth, final, and best (in my opinion) banner has been added.

World War Z Berlin

Berlin, Germany

World War Z Rome

Rome, Italy

World War Z Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico

World War Z Paris

Paris, France

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

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