London Burns, New York Falls in New WORLD WAR Z Banners

WWZ Black

Paramount’s promotion of WORLD WAR Z continues to build as we head toward its opening.  Three more terrifyingly beautiful banners heralding the end of the world have been released, along with the first clip from the film.

The new banners feature scenes of destruction on a massive scale from Barcelona, London, and New York.  These join the five banners released earlier this week.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

London, England

London, England

New York, United States (But you knew that one, didn't you?)

New York, United States (But you knew that one, didn’t you?)

The clip finds former United Nations investigator Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) being dragooned into service again to determine the cause of the zombie outbreak.  Understandably, he’s concerned about his family.

It’s light on action, but the clip indicates that the focus on Lane’s concern for keeping his family safe seen in the trailers is a strong motivator for him throughout the film.  Grounding a zombie spectacle of this scale in something so human is a great way for a film like this to retain an emotional core.

Fans of the Max Brooks novel on which the film is loosely based know that the novel’s emotional core and musings on humanity is a big part of what separates it from typical zombie fare.  If you’re rooting for the film version to succeed, seeing that the same kind of emotional core remains intact should bring more confidence that despite any changes, the film looks like it’s gotten the story right.

WORLD WAR Z opens June 21.

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