DEAD Talks Poll: Are THE WALKING DEAD’s Zombies Evolving?

Ezekiel VS. Zombie

On this week’s DEAD Talks Podcast, we discussed the below panel from Issue #118.

Some of us think it means something, that Robert Kirkman and company wouldn’t draw attention to something like this unless it’s a preview of things to come. Others attributed it to Ezekiel’s mental state in the heat of battle and viewed it as dramatic license to emphasize how unprepared for combat he was.

The Walking Dead- Issue 118- Fast Turn














What do YOU think? Is the quick turn a sign that whatever it is that causes the dead of the comic to become zombies is evolving? Or is this just the terrified perception of a man in over his head?

Vote in this week’s DEAD Talks Poll, and leave your thoughts in the comments section. You can even call us at (978) 267-1116 and leave us a message explaining your opinion!

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