DEAD Talks #37- Daryl’s Gonna Die!

#37- Daryl's Gonna Die!

While “Try”, the 15th episode of The Walking Dead wasn’t exactly the most action packed of episodes, it did balance some exceptional character moments with opportunities for reflection ahead of a season finale that’s sure to be explosive. We talk Rick’s domestic disturbance, Carl and Enid’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” romp through the woods, and Deanna’s hypocrisy in this episode of DEAD Talks!

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  • Hey berto

    Thoughts –

    – Rick going off the deep end over this is interesting, but given how we’ve seen the writing on this show, I question if it’s really as calculated as you guys make it out to be. Not saying you’re wrong, but I still think they’ve done a poor job of showing Rick going from level headed and sensible to going into raging lunatic mode, and all since they’ve arrived. It just seems to rushed and forced.. not in time frame, but just hasn’t been developed. If he’s truly leaving Lori behind now, why is he still wearing his wedding ring? Maybe for Carl? I don’t know, but as a father myself, I get being enraged over a wife and child beater, but this Rick (as Justin pointed out, I believe) had zero problem with the social injustice going on at the hospital and it’s hard to see how he can see the value in not getting involved there, and needing to here. Don’t get me wrong, it can be explained, I’m simply saying they’re not connecting those dots and it comes off as a little disingenuous. I’d like to see more of what’s going on in Rick’s head is the point. Is he finally losing his grip? Just doesn’t feel developed or earned IMO.. but the rush to get him in that place is setting up great tension and it’s fun for the show to just put him in Shane mode. And by enjoy, I just mean the effect that has on the story. I hate this Rick, and he’s a character I always admired for his own humanity and sense of ethics, even if they are a bit twisted in this world. He’s changing and that’s interesting for the main character.

    – Slow Motion. Unless you’re Michael Mann or Nora Ephron, just don’t do it… it’s too hard to pull off (I don’t mind it when it’s done well).

    – Carls hair. I know they don’t have stylists in the wilds of the Zombie Apocolypse, but that doesn’t seem to stop Abraham… but even Eugene manages to keep his Tennessee Tophat groomed. Plus, they’re now in Alexandria. Time to fix that shit. (see my twitter rant).

    – The obvious tips of something happening to Daryl make me think maybe it’s a false ruse. Maybe its a compromise.. perhaps the season finale cliffhanger makes us think he’s dead, and we come back to next season to find he’s severely injured or something. Maybe that’s the play? Once can hope, because I’m not sure the writers are as good as we are at discovering the tell. I’d love to find out differently.

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