DEAD Talks #36- Mother Dick!

#36- Mother Dick!

Sorry (not really) for the title. Abraham’s line was WAY too good not to use again. “Spend” some time with us as we discuss the gigantically gory and gut-wrenching 14th episode from The Walking Dead’s fifth season. There’s Noah way you want to miss this podcast! See what we did there?

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  • Hey berto

    Yes guys another great episode, and great podcast! Some thoughts to share. Beware of SPOILERS below-
    – I think the priest is just imbalanced. Might be PTSD. Might just be an imbalanced person who is off his meds in the zombie apocalypse. Whatever the case, his thought process is erratic and he’s been prone to irrational behavior, and dealing with a dark secret that’s driving him mad. I think the priest has been set up this way. So in his mind, he’s telling the truth.. But the reality is it’s only a partial or distorted truth. His image distorts other’s perception of him. Either way, he’s a pretty big liability.

    – Antoinette, I don’t think Michonne and Rick are shacking up. I think the group is still sharing the two houses. They’re keeping each other close. I think Justin and John are messing with you!!

    – I had the exact same thought about the Drunk Doctor.. Is he too important to kill? Is Rick capable of seeing this and overriding Carol on what has to be done? Alternate thought – what if he’s drunk when whatshername gets back with the head injury and she dies and he was too drunk to do his job?

    – Killing Noah so early seems like a waste.. They just spent time and backstory getting him in the story… They ignore his development, and then boom, he’s gone.. What’s the point? Then again… They’re getting him off the show so they can get on with other characters. He was a good dude, so you hated to see him go.

    – Can somebody please shoot these poor bastards in the head so they don’t have to suffer being so horribly eaten?

    I love this new dynamic. There is much more of a cerebral quality to the series now, and it makes for high drama and a threat we haven’t really explored on this series. It’s about time. This show is much more interesting than it’s ever been. Bring it on.

  • Miya

    Just a thought… Gabriel isn’t talking about Rick when he says “Satan disguises himself as the Angel of Light”… he is talking about himself. I think his survivor’s guilt is manifesting in some sort of twisted religious interpretation of the end times and he is so mad at God, that he believes HIMSELF to be the devil and that HE doesn’t deserve “paradise” so he’s planning to sabotage and set up Alexandria to implode on itself.

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