DEAD Talks #28- “Strangers”

DEAD Talks 28 Strangers

The Survivors meet Gabriel, a friendly preacher who isn’t suspicious or cowardly in any way, shape, or form before going for a swim in a zombie infested pool. Justin, John, and Antoinette discuss what it is Gabriel may be hiding, whether Rick made the right call in taking a dip, and the benefits of dark meat when you’re on the run from Terminus. It’s all here in the latest DEAD Talks! 

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  • Hey berto

    Regarding Tyrese.. I have some thoughts. First, let me say, I can’t pretend to know a lot about the character’s specifics, so if anything I say contradicts something known, feel free to correct me.

    Now, I get that the writers haven’t done a good job of selling Tyrese’s change in attitude… But I wonder about two things. 1). is he really a badass or is it an act? Was he enraged and that’s what made him such a hothead? I like to think of myself as fairly calm, but I can still get angry. While I don’t, some people resort to rage as an outlet for their anger. What have we seen out of Tyrese to date on this?

    2. Has all the ugliness of this world changed him? As a viewer, I was affected by watching children die in The Grove episode… that’s traumatic… and we all think about it being traumatic for Carol… but what about Tyrese? I know he didn’t carry it out, but surely that makes him value life a little more?

    I think it’s a little bit of both. Tyrese is a hothead with a chip on his shoulder and a tendency to lose his cool easily and quickly.. and that changed when they left the prison.. with the culmination coming at the death of the children that they sought to protect. So with Judith, he takes that much more personally. The part that doesn’t fully ring true is letting that guy live. If he’s all rage, particularly over threatening a child.. how does he calm down enough while beating him to let that guy live? Does the guy get away? Too many questions that it doesn’t make sense to leave open, from a story perspective. So we’ll see… but I guess my point is, I can see a way that explains logically why Tyrese is this way… but I don’t think the writers have done a good job in making that transition seem natural and unforced.