DEAD Talks #27- “No Sanctuary”

27 No Sanctuary

The biggest season opener in the history of The Walking Dead heralds the return of DEAD Talks! Join Justin, John, and Antoinette as they discuss the termination of Terminus, the reunion (AT LONG LAST) of Carol and Daryl, Morgan’s return, and the genius of showrunner Scott Gimple, amongst so many other wonderful things about this episode! Warning: we gush!

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  • Hey berto

    John Bierly, thank you for saying that part about sexual violence. I couldn’t agree more and I just can’t stand it. It’s far more disturbing hearing those kinds of screams knowing what’s happening than watching those people get their throats slit… and the former was totally unnecessary in the context of the story. Perhaps a little more discussion between Mary and Carol would have been enough to paint the picture with enough horror in my mind. It certainly makes what they endured much more visceral.

    What is interesting to see how some people succumb to the darkness that surrounds everyone in this world. Gareth and the terminians really have no moral compass left. The only thing that starts to make some sense in terms of why did they shows us these flashbacks, is to contrast how much this world transformed Gareth and his companions, compared to Rick and crew. They’ve managed to hold on to a moral compass that resembles a compassionate society.. as compassionate as they can be in this world, while doing what they have to. The terminians have gone so far beyond a moral opinion we can identify with.. and it’s an interesting contrast to the primary slate of characters… which have a basic respect for human life, and terminians clearly have lost that. It’s interesting to wonder if our crew could have been placed in that situation in similar dire circumstances.. if the makeup of the group were different, or had different leadership, could they have sank so low in such a difficult and hostile world? If that’s the question posed by showing us this backstory.. then maybe it wasn’t a waste of episode time.

    The second thing I despise, is the threat of violence toward children, and in this case, Judith. the difference was, it felt more appropriate to show that in the context of what was happening in the scene. But seeing that prick threaten little Judith really disturbed me, in the same way that Carol’s scene in the glade disturbed me, despite the difference in the violence and in the reasons behind it.

    Both scenes in this episode made me question whether I can really watch this show. It’s almost too dark and whether appropriate for the show/scene/whatever or not.. it’s disturbing to watch, even thought it’s not always the most viscerally shot scenes. Our imaginations are much worse than anything they can actually show. In this case, at least the situation with Judith ended much more positively than the one with Carol. Either way, I was moved and this episode was a good one.

    • Dude, I always enjoy reading your insightful assessments of things. I can add nothing more to this except to say, that when I went back to watch the episode again yesterday, some of what you wrote was in my head. Thanks for listening!

      • Hey berto

        Justin, one of these days, I won’t write a response late at night when I’m tired, and it will make clear, coherent thoughts! lol. Sorry about that.

        • Sorry? Why? I genuinely enjoy reading your thoughts!

          • Hey berto

            Appreciate that.. I just meant that when i reread it, some thoughts didn’t come across as clear as they did in my head, and I’m pretty sure it was because I was tired and my proofreading skills failed me at that hour. As always, I appreciate the opportunity to share! I have to pre watch this show for my wife, and episodes like this one just have too much disturbing imagery for her, so we didn’t get to discuss it. Always nice to have an alternative outlet to share my thoughts.