DEAD Talks #38- A Vast Ocean of Shit

#38- A Vast Ocean of Shit

While The Walking Dead’s fifth season finale didn’t exactly “Conquer” every member of our crew, it did provide us with a lot to discuss this week. From Morgan’s new found ninja skills to the surprising debut of the Wolves, we review all the happenings in this week’s edition of DEAD Talks!

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  • Hey berto

    I’ll give this a listen sometime today, but yeah the finale was a great episode, but with al the build-up, it was a bit anti-climactic… but perhaps that’s appropriate? I think expectations in this case were high given what was coming from producers/actors, the feeling of impending doom for some of the characters. I liked it, but not one of their better finales. For me, last year’s was bigger and remains my favorite season finale.

  • Hey berto

    Ok, so I’ll label this just in case anyone lurking here hasn’t seen it, but if you haven’t, you really shouldn’t be here anyway.. So EPISODE SPOILERS WITHIN – but I’ll just say that I’ve never really liked Deanna. I always felt like there was something disingenuous about her. She has that politician’s cadence to her voice, and that immediately makes me question her. But more than that, I always thought she pandered to the group, and Rick in particular. Perhaps she is an idealist with good intentions, but the whole politician thing just clouds it all for me, and the actress is doing a good job with that if that’s what is intended. I still don’t think the writers knew quite where they were going with her, at least.. not until the finale. The quickness with which she condemned Pete was a little contrived, but the writers are trying to move things along quickly, so i kind of get it. That seems to be a convention of the show, and probably more of a personal pet peeve than at outright flaw.. but it just doesn’t feel natural. Dragging it out probably wouldn’t work either. But I suppose I would rather have seen her be conflicted about what to do… I mean.. her husband just got his neck slit right in front of her, but she’s able to look up and in that same calm kind of cadence (albeit, through tears) is able to coherently tell Rick to execute the man. She’s not in a recognizable form of shock. But I am really interested to see what happens next year and how this affects Rick in Alexandria.. how he is viewed by Deanna, how he is viewed by Jessie, and the populace of Alexandria in general. Next season has a lot of promising potential.. and it is a great note to end the season on. As much as I hate the way the finale was played up and ‘sold’ to the fans of the show, this is a solid season finale. I expected more emotion and carnage, but this is good. It’s a bit of an antithesis to last year’s finale, and that’s great.