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DEAD Talks #41- REALLY?

From the shocker that ended the episode to the reactions to it that fueled social media, the DEAD Talks crew is here to talk the craziness that was “Thank You”! Follow us on Twitter: @DEADTalks, @TheApexFan (Justin), @JohnBierly (John), @LuckyRabbit17 (Antoinette) Join us…

Rebels Reflection- The Lost Commanders

Rebels Reflection: “The Lost Commanders”

It’s the debut of Rebels Reflection! This is a new feature I’m writing for TheForce.Net reviewing and analyzing new episodes of Star Wars Rebels. Click HERE to read the first edition!…

#39- A Lot of Losing

DEAD Talks #39- A Lot of Losing

The Walking Dead is back for a sixth season with “First Time Again”. It’s an opener that’s heavy on zombie hordes, but is it lacking in other ways?…