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#46- Always Accountable First Impressions

DEAD Talks #46- “Always Accountable” First Impressions

Well… that happened. While a rewatch may change our minds, none of us liked this one. Come on inside to find out why! Follow us on Twitter: @DEADTalks, @TheApexFan (Justin), @JohnBierly (John), @LuckyRabbit17 (Antoinette) Join us on Facebook: Click HERE to download the…

#45- A Polar Bear on a Bed of Rice

DEAD Talks #45- Polar Bear on a Bed of Rice

“Now” was a mixed bag of an episode. It had some great character moments and some gruesome zombies, but also a few aspects that just didn’t click. Join us for a discussion of these things and more! Follow us…

#44- Now First Impressions

DEAD Talks #44- “Now” First Impressions

The Walking Dead’s worst day ever continues as the Alexandrians deal with a hopeless situation. What were the DEAD Talks gang’s first reactions? Listen to find out! Follow us on Twitter: @DEADTalks, @TheApexFan (Justin), @JohnBierly (John), @LuckyRabbit17 (Antoinette) Join us on Facebook:…

Rebels Reflection- Brothers of the Broken Horn

Rebels Reflection: “Brothers of the Broken Horn”

Hondo Ohnaka stole the show on this week’s Star Wars: Rebels, but it was Ezra who provided the most food for thought. Head over to TheForce.Net to find out why it’s ok if he doesn’t want to be a Jedi!…

#43- Weak

DEAD Talks #43- Weak?

Morgan… what are we going to do with you? You keep making rookie zombie apocalypse mistakes! We discuss Morgan’s strengths (or weaknesses and answer a listener email about whether or not The Walking Dead has a problem keeping black…