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DEAD Talks #41- REALLY?

From the shocker that ended the episode to the reactions to it that fueled social media, the DEAD Talks crew is here to talk the craziness that was “Thank You”! Follow us on Twitter: @DEADTalks, @TheApexFan (Justin), @JohnBierly (John), @LuckyRabbit17 (Antoinette) Join us…

#40- Zombie, Take the Wheel!

DEAD Talks #40- Zombie, Take the Wheel!

The Wolves (WAY more than two people) attack Alexandria! But they didn’t count on the community’s silent guardian. Their watchful protector. Carol! Join the DEAD Talks crew for a lively discussion of “JSS”. Follow us on Twitter: @DEADTalks, @TheApexFan (Justin), @JohnBierly (John), @LuckyRabbit17…

#39- A Lot of Losing

DEAD Talks #39- A Lot of Losing

The Walking Dead is back for a sixth season with “First Time Again”. It’s an opener that’s heavy on zombie hordes, but is it lacking in other ways?…


Podcast Appearance: Echo Base #35- The Story So Far

With Erik Blythe out for the week, I join Chris McGuffin and Lou Secki to talk Star Wars: Aftermath (no spoilers) and the one year anniversary of the Star Wars canon relaunch. Click HERE to listen!…

Who Shot First Episode 5

Podcast Appearance: Star Wars Trivia On Who Shot First

Who Shot First is a contagiously fun Star Wars trivia game podcast hosted by Dylan Hesp. Each month, two notable fans compete against each other for bragging rights and share some Star Wars insight along the way. Somehow, I…