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#40- Zombie, Take the Wheel!

DEAD Talks #40- Zombie, Take the Wheel!

The Wolves (WAY more than two people) attack Alexandria! But they didn’t count on the community’s silent guardian. Their watchful protector. Carol! Join the DEAD Talks crew for a lively discussion of “JSS”. Follow us on Twitter: @DEADTalks, @TheApexFan (Justin), @JohnBierly (John), @LuckyRabbit17…

#39- A Lot of Losing

DEAD Talks #39- A Lot of Losing

The Walking Dead is back for a sixth season with “First Time Again”. It’s an opener that’s heavy on zombie hordes, but is it lacking in other ways?…

Fear Begins Here

Fear the Walking Dead’s Opening Scene

Just ahead of Sunday’s premiere of Fear the Walking Dead, AMC has released the first moments from The Walking Dead spinoff. The show will tell the story of a new group of survivors from the beginning of the zombie outbreak occurring while…

#38- A Vast Ocean of Shit

DEAD Talks #38- A Vast Ocean of Shit

While The Walking Dead’s fifth season finale didn’t exactly “Conquer” every member of our crew, it did provide us with a lot to discuss this week. From Morgan’s new found ninja skills to the surprising debut of the Wolves, we…

#37- Daryl's Gonna Die!

DEAD Talks #37- Daryl’s Gonna Die!

While “Try”, the 15th episode of The Walking Dead wasn’t exactly the most action packed of episodes, it did balance some exceptional character moments with opportunities for reflection ahead of a season finale that’s sure to be explosive. We…

#36- Mother Dick!

DEAD Talks #36- Mother Dick!

Sorry (not really) for the title. Abraham’s line was WAY too good not to use again. “Spend” some time with us as we discuss the gigantically gory and gut-wrenching 14th episode from The Walking Dead’s fifth season. There’s Noah…