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21 James Luceno Interview

Star Wars With Friends #21- Interview: James Luceno

James Luceno has provided the details of some of the most monumental events of the Star Wars galaxy, from the life of Darth Plagueis to the end of the New Jedi Order series. Now, on the eve of the release…

Maul: Lockdown Cover


Eric Carrasco and I team up to offer TheForce.Net our differing takes on Joe Schreiber’s latest STAR WARS novel, featuring everyone’s favorite Zabrak Sith Lord. Click HERE to read!…

Joe Schreiber

Interview: Author Joe Schreiber

Click HERE to read my interview with Joe Schreiber, author of STAR WARS novels DEATH TROOPERS, RED HARVEST, and MAUL: LOCKDOWN, for TheForce.Net!…