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HBO has released a brief preview of BOARDWALK EMPIRE’s fourth season.

This “invitation to the set” is guided by series creator and executive producer Terence Winter and touches briefly on the whereabouts of most of the main characters as season four begins in 1924, over a year after the bloodbath that ended the previous season.

BOARDWALK EMPIRE returns Sunday, September 8 on HBO.


I like the immediate contrast between Chalky and Narcisse.  Chalky’s desire for a kind of sophisticated relevance was well established last season through his attempt to marry his daughter off, and Narcisse’s crisp speech and tightly controlled dangerousness would seem to place these two at odds just because of their differences in style.  I look forward to scenes between the two.

Nucky’s staying at the Albatross hotel in a kind of “self-imposed exile”, huh?  Interesting.  In Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner an albatross begins to follow a ship and is seen as a sign of good luck.  Later, the mariner of the poem’s title shoots the albatross with a crossbow, which is seen as an action that will place a curse upon the ship.  As punishment, the rest of the crew makes him wear the dead bird around his neck until they all die from the curse.  In Nucky’s case, Jimmy is his albatross.  Oh, symbolism…

I really wish Gillian had died last season.  It’s no fault of Gretchen Mol, it’s just that she’s so good at making you hate her character.

I wonder if Richard Harrow is still with Tommy and Julia?  I was happy to see him find the family he so longed for, and excited to see his one man raid last season to reclaim Tommy.  I hope it wasn’t for nothing.

Finally, I wish the video had taken an extra few seconds to touch on Eli.  I enjoyed his story arc last year.

What did you think?  Were there any characters or plotlines you’d have liked an update on?  Anything I missed that resonated with you?

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