BEWARE THE BATMAN Opening Sequence Revealed

Beware the Batman

Entertainment Weekly has released a first look at the opening sequence for the upcoming show BEWARE THE BATMAN.  The sequence can be viewed exclusively on their website.  Hit the jump for the ApexFan view, and share your opinion in our poll.

It’s… different.  Combining an almost spy movie-like theme with smooth animation to convey a view of Batman’s world that is at once familiar, yet visually distinctive.  I’m not really sure what to think of it yet.

While I respect the decision to deviate slightly from the core Batman story, having a gun-toting Alfred doesn’t feel right for so many reasons, and the decision to focus on lesser-known members of Batman’s rogue’s gallery could be problematic.  Most of them are lesser-known for a reason.

I guess we’ll all have to tune in to see if it’s a show worthy of the Dark Knight.  I’ll reserve judgment till then.

BEWARE THE BATMAN premieres Saturday, July 12 at 10am/9am central time on Cartoon Network.  For a look at the previously released “sizzle reel”, click here.

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